Proclaiming the Gospel.

We take opportunities to preach the Good News of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. We believe this to be an overarching goal for our work. We serve in existing churches - where we are invited to preach or to help with aspects of mission - and we also engage in Evangelism independently. The ultimate aim is to see disciples who are following their Lord with their whole hearts and walking maturely in their faith (without depending on us or other externally imported leadership).

Helping People

Short term workers in Nata

We consider it very important to help those in need to the best of our resources and ability. We helped quite a number of individuals in Nata in different settings and with different needs. We have plans to expand our involvement in the village and also try to liaise with other institutions already in place for caring for the destitute, orphans, disabled and vulnerable people.

Bible Clubs

Fun times at Bible Clubs

We were blessed to have a number of volunteers come to work in Nata with us short term in the past couple of years! One way we used the extra help was to organize a few 5 day Bible clubs in our ward (neighbourhood) of the village. We brought a bit of sunshine to the children's lives with games, quizes, fun activities and Bible stories. We sometimes had over 100 children come to these clubs!

Disaster Relief

Giving disaster relief to those affected by floods near Nata

We were thankful for generous donations from Christians and businesses in Francistown area for the victims of recent floods (Jan-Feb 2017). These were distributed to families who lost their homes entirely - or whose homes collapsed as a result of the rains and floods. Several hundred individuals benefited from these donations.

Setswana Audio Bible

Give the Word of God

Most people who were born in Botswana speak and understand Setswana very well and the Bible is available in audio form in this language. Many people in the villages are barely literate and would be truly blessed to have such a resource. Experience showed that people listen to oral Bible devices with great interest and many will hear the Gospel for the first time through these devices.

Sunday School

Fun times at Sunday School

While doing the Bible Clubs, parents asked if we wouldn't do something more regular with the children, like a Sunday School. We started one in August 2015 and learned a lot together since then - from Adam to Joseph and the Christmas Story. We did lots of games and learned some passages by heart in Setswana, like the Lords Prayer, John 3:16 and others. We love quizzes where you get a sweet for a right answer! 

At the moment this project runs as and when we are able to have competent helpers - so that children can make the most of their time with us. 

Christian Films

Different times showing Christian films.

We showed the Jesus film and other Christian material a number of times in Nata. They proved informative as well as an encouragement to those who watched, who often asked to see it again. We hope to also be able to show these in villages around Nata in the future and in other settings. We are also considering a translation of the Jesus film into the other languages around us that don’t have Bible resources.

Bible Translation

Translating Bible resources into unreached languages

We are or have been involved in a number of Bible translation projects that reach a few of the unreached languages of Botswana.

We also translate Bible passages or biblical resources from time to time, when this is possible. 

Support the Work

Much of the practical and evangelistic work we do is directly dependent on the funds that are available for that particular activity or project. We never cease to try to help and evangelize but particular projects happen or don't happen according to what God has provided and what is available.  

Trust Building

Thank you to all who have contributed towards building a basic residence and office for C.A.R.E. Botswana in Nata! 

The building is a blessing to mission work in this part of the country and we pray that through these facilities many may come to hear about and follow our Lord Jesus Christ! The plot and building belong to CARE Botswana Trust and are only be used for non-profit work and charitable purposes. It provides a home for missionaries, a base for short and long-term mission and development/aid projects as well as Bible translation in this region of Botswana.

  • work in progress

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A little about Nata

Nata is a village in the North-East of Botswana which lies near the Makgadikgadi Pans, on the main road between Francistown and Kasane or Maun. It is home to bout 5000 people plus 3000 others in several satellite villages and settlements. Nata can be a busy passing place, where many tourists stop to refuel and continue on their journeys towards the safari parks of the north or the west. When driving through on the main road, it is not immediately apparent that Nata was one of the communities worst affected by HIV and AIDS in the whole of Botswana. (The country as a whole ranks second in Africa for its HIV infection rate.)  The disease has had a devastating effect on the community leaving over 400 orphans in its trail. Even today, nearly half of all pregnant women in the village are reported to be HIV positive. The problems that HIV/AIDS leave in its trail are numerous. There is much room to help and support his community spiritually and otherwise in order to recover and thrive once again. You can play a part in helping this community by partnering with our work.