C.A.R.E. Botswana is registered with the authorities in Botswana as a Non-Profit organization.

Its funds come from charitable donations and any future initiatives for self-funding that can generate jobs for the local community and further the work of the trust. All of the funds received as voluntary charitable donations and through self-funding are used exclusively for charitable purposes.

policy (2)No one involved in the running of the trust receives an income or benefits personally from the activities of the trust. The trustees and/or officers of the trust do not receive a salary or allowance of any kind from the trust.

C.A.R.E. Botswana is registered with Stewardship in the United Kingdom and is approved to receive donations from UK supporters through their service. Stewardship monitors and periodically reviews the trust’s accounts to ensure that funds are being spent in accordance with UK charity laws. [www.stewardship.org.uk]

The trust is also connected with legal professionals in Botswana in order to ensure that we comply with all applicable charity laws in this country.

We are happy to provide our donors with further information on any financial aspect related to CARE Botswana.