We are a not-for-profit Christian charity trust registered in Botswana. The trust came into being through a missionary couple from the UK, who felt God’s call to come and do this work in Botswana.

C.A.R.E. Botswana exists to do and support Christian mission in Botswana, support existing local churches, as well as be involved in giving practical help where this is needed.

In our Christian mission we want to initiate new Christian work where there is a need for evangelical outreach as well as provide support and interrelate with good existing Christian initiatives.

Through our practical work we want to be involved in helping communities in ways that are appropriate and that bear in mind the long term benefit of the people being helped. We hope to initiate and implement long term strategies for poverty relief where we not only assist and train people who want to escape poverty based on wholesome biblical principles but also create or find opportunities for people to start working towards a sustainable way out of poverty.

In all that we do, we seek to affirm the dignity of people being helped and show understanding and respect for the African way of life and local culture. Our assistance and Christian work aims to be considerate to the local context and emphasizes people’s participation and partnership.

If you have any questions about CARE Botswana, our projects or work policies, please get in touch for further information.

Read about our financial policies here.