The main reason we start projects is to demonstrate the love and kindness of God to people who need help in their particular circumstances. These can address a material or spiritual need and would greatly benefit those people.

Secondly, we feel that one of the reasons for our presence here on the mission field is to give our extended Christian family an opportunity to be involved in the great mission work out there. Through a project, for example, a donor can put a Bible in the hands of a family who needs it or sponsor a child with their education etc. The project extends only as far as the support from donors goes. They are directly involved in this way.

Question: Are admin and other costs taken from funds raised for a specific project?

Answer: No. We don’t use these projects to raise funds for other purposes nor to fund CARE Botswana’s administrative costs. We trust God to provide for these from general donations. We do all projects simply for the benefit of those who receive and the spiritual benefit of those who give.

The only thing we have to bear in mind is that, as a rule, a project has to be entirely self-contained and ‘pull its own weight’ from start to finish with all the costs that it generates.
Final comment: As we often have more than one project running at the same time, please always specify if you would like a donation, or part of it, to go towards a particular project. If unspecified funds will be used for the greatest current need.