For more examples of our work, see ongoing projects. This website does not contain everything we do – just some highlights – and is only updated from time to time, when our workload allows. Sign up to the newsletter to pray in more detail.

‘Helping Hands’ Project

We started this project in order to help a number of people around us who struggle as they live below the poverty line, without the most basic of necessities. These are people who can’t get a job or don’t have anyone else to help.

Evangelism, Children’s Ministries, Bible Ministry & Translation

Through the Christian Ministry that we do, we are regularly involved in:

  • Evangelistic outreach
  • Bible studies
  • Bible ministry – making the Bible available to those who don’t have access to the Word of God – in both paper and audio form
  • Children’s outreach – Sunday schools and Bible clubs
  • Translation of Christian materials including some Bible translation
  • Christian media ministry – like showing the Jesus film and other discipleship video materials.

All of these require regular support in order to take place. Please consider supporting this ministry. or get in touch for other options.

A little about Nata

Nata Village – Google Maps view

Nata is a village in the North-East of Botswana which lies near the Makgadikgadi Pans, on the main road between Francistown and Kasane or Maun. It is home to bout 5000 people plus 3000 others in several satellite villages and settlements. Nata can be a busy passing place, where many tourists stop to refuel and continue on their journeys towards the safari parks of the north or the west. When driving through on the main road, it is not immediately apparent that Nata was one of the communities worst affected by HIV and AIDS in the whole of Botswana. (The country as a whole ranks second in Africa for its HIV infection rate.)  The disease has had a devastating effect on the community leaving over 400 orphans in its trail. Even today, nearly half of all pregnant women in the village are reported to be HIV positive. The problems that HIV/AIDS leave in its trail are numerous. There is much room to help and support his community spiritually and otherwise in order to recover and thrive once again. You can play a part in helping this community by partnering with our work.